Gun Smith

Iron Site Gunsmith services. Here at Iron Site we offer a wide range of gunsmithing services, from custom built AR 15's, custom built semi auto shotguns and the 1911. We do trigger work from accurizing Revolvers and Pistols to installing trigger kits for modern semi auto handguns. We do cleaning on all guns with complete disassembly, ultrasonic and steam.

Restoration services include appraisal of the gun before any work is done in order to determine the value of the gun. When a restoration is to be performed, we do everything from stripping the metal, rust removal to polishing and prep for Hot Bluing. We also refinish wood stocks. Stripping of the old finish, crack and dent repair. Custom inletting of new stocks and glass and pillar bedding.....All weapons are function tested and fired in our shop before and after the work in done...We have an FFL 7 manufacturing licence with ATF....We warranty all of our work and stand behind what we is more of a passion than it is a job. Bob Gunsmith@ Iron Site Gun Shop, Largo, Fl.

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